Let me explain to you about my office fare policy.

1. divorce
You know that Japan and Philippine are mutual independent countries so that those who want to divorce must get down to each countries’ procedures respectfully.

Many persons misunderstand that Philippine never accept any procedure of divorce, but you know from your heart, this is not fact.

We can serve the procedure of it in both countries to those who want to divorce by below fare policy.

1.1.The divorce process in Japan.

The type of divorce where any family courts doesn’t take part of is JPY 300,000up.

The type of divorce where the family court judge takes part of it is JPY 100,000up.

The sue and/or a trial in a family court can’t be taken by my office so that I offer those who decides to break out in a family court my friend, lawyers running their offices in shinjyuku ward. In this case, I can’t receive any money from my client because the law bans it strictly.

But I can take a part of this case as interpreters. And I want to receive money in the condition of JPY2,000/10min.

1.2.The divorce in Philippine

I have served this service with My business partner living in Manila by JPY400,000.

2. visa consultant
marriage (only in Japan) and spouse visa applicacion:JPY150,000up

and other visa type:JPY150,000-200,000.

But if you feel this policy is too expensive to pay, please say it to me. I may discount my fare to meet your financial condition.

Thank you for your cooperation. I welcome your visiting my office.